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. _ Classical Greek Restaurant for sale and bookings    New ID needed?  Human robots.  Getting new ID? Mil-navy camp 1 week for sure.  Telephono as ID?

A buildingsector in need of a major fix , as well geo telephono moi...       2 fine ships for sale in Corfu Greece

Services and works on offer (since 1996)

Webdesign Marketing Support  Buildingsurvey  It Analysis and Support   

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Farewell old Telephono moi, Video p2p old ringsignal Telephono IS better Someone to sort out this function, in tourist emporium in working status at "winter"  

Vacancy & holidays in Corfu ...Internet censorship & blocking  Albania Just opposite... Gold is nice Gas/& Minerals


Where is my HOME now (again). Loop in system

Use  Kortslutningen Pension Travel Communciation  No answer as solution?.


Oddity Central

Loop in materials also? .


Some test works i have done , while waiting on the above matters to be sorted out

Wholesale from the lorry! Hot potato Pasta Soup Mushrooms.Water Bread Sweet Fish Chicken Meat  Sallad Wine Beer Dairy Olives Rabbit  Fruit  is More Food  So create foodbiz then?   Turn saltwater to beer  Saltwater to drinking water  Water?just add working order. BOAT FOR SALE   Tsokas  Mythos Restaurant And Hotel   Odimitris Restaurant  (EN) Pitta  SecondhandCorfu  Bell Cafe A Cafe.Bar for sale in old Corfu town  Taverna Guvelis  Hourglass Cafe Bar  RED Bicycles  2.1 mb Bistro Dj Bar  Stazeimeli   Flavours   Sign.  Advert Regatta   A Waterjob  Chandlery. Dionyssos Apartments Sails Skiasi Gouvia  KF Marine Gouvia for your enginee needs Sluta Leta rent a car   A fine Butcher in Dassia & O alekos Gouvia   Kalypso Star & Sealions  Auction online  ..carelectrician Bar Menu's..     Castle Corfu.    akis pizza .Menu Notos  Yachting  Tsiggelis Kafeteria Fastfood Akis  Ideas and testing / 3d Idea to new busstation in Corfu?  A new library  A Parking garage Age Care Home somewhere in Corfu  New bridge idea old port Corfu 

& other works as well this CAD-IT-WEB

which fits togehter from idea to 3d cadmodel, 3d simualtion, economical viability, businessplan to loan application, to testproduction & evaluation,
and productionstage, to package design to marketing, and exhibitions giving businesscards, having laptop mobile costyme and ...
all with its discovery's .. many is involved eg.. NOW...
the point Need assistance from idea to reality? 3d cad -marketing-it-web. 

Just contact me. Jan P Kajander Contactpoint or Fill in the form ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Promotion for others like basic connection. Nice Internetcafe Rex Restaurant Earthcruiser Donate to the church 13.A fine musician Absolute fine place in Uganda Just welcome!(Navy icebreaker friend)Talk to Jouko or Diana Lifeboat for sale

DC3 to Corfu _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Balcanicaucaso Allafrica Rss Feeds  Economynews  Pump and dump  Al Jazeera  Mideast news  Balkansinsight   Reliefweb  Iran & Nuke Globalvoice   More News Report-Crime.Food?   Topix   27million slaves today Havoscope  Albania  Election ChinaWood  Imigrants Refworld
Travel and work out of order?   Normal Travel? & 17 years?  North Korea food?   Visions & Reality in large projects.Accounting correct.
Underwater hotels and accounting is nice(proper)  Here is reality works on the right side..

Aint my egg nog  This is. add Humanrobo? enough.

Worktools a few.
Fix the Water
  Flightradar Saved energy   Marinetraffic  Statewatch privacy surveliance   Work Enviroment  Earthshakes. 

 Disasters1 & Nature Disasters2
 Russian Wildfires Energy Wreck antique Human Rights  Surveilance2  Antarctica  Clean energy Shipwrecks
Yachting Yachtinglife1  Alternative energy  Recruitment agency  Excel simulation?  Manta  Cruisetimetable Cruisebook Seaseak
TestCentre & Education on export Skyscrapers and reality

Technology development, some is questionable for sure.

as well need of research controll, what to fund There is other needs and moneymaking in it, its visible.
Robotic lady? 
Armed robomosquitos que?  Riot roboticdog?  Period Dot WHAT is answering in the phone a robobaby? or Animal with femal voice?  a robot? and? End.
Cyberattack? que?.It makes real war by itself, see bellow redline
calculator kaputt, chem kaputt, teargas kaputt, what orginal?,
godmorning manual waterstamped, securityink, real safes, logistic and locks functional a new view as foundation..?.

Technology transportation
100km/hour sailing? motorcycles got to much traffic no trafficjam more  
61knot trimaran seaplanes
Blacklisted airliners and blocked /not secure communciation =spareparts. hmm.   more some work to do then?

Waterjob and 2water  30 000 watertowers desalination and pipelines  needs functional communication, in facto _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Glowing risk
A Rusty Timebomb to Drill for Oil in. Details .Details2 Details3 Details4
. North Searoute .    Just cargo?       Above Russia 107 knot winds and -60C? 
hmm.its Not so comfy  Just cargo and Salary    Pipelines on solid foundation eventually  IranNukeOil? 
Japan Catastroph   Dagestan gets normal
Old nuke rusting away?

3d mapping satelites simulator & reality with its points.

satelite images  2 foot, & 7cm/pixel  Mallorca fsx  xplane
Corfu 3D  Googleplane  UAV-voting-price.real?. 3dcorfu map drive  panmedia  citypano 

 Saab3d mapping   Flightcabin  Need some nice 3d HD cad work done? products, architecture, planning, need a kit? CockpitMS sim. 3D street murals 
wallpainting robots need graphics? just  contactpoint .   more sat 3d info. fsx close to reality, and?   Inventions cad & 3d. Build your own aircraft

Need a 3d modelling/installation done?ala  aircombat  Just contact me at at section contactpoint. And add scrap to your kit  4400 aircrafts & more

Communication and censorship - regulation
cipsa-acta-sopa-pipa and so forth...

Freedom tools1  Freedom house  p2p  Proxytools  And having this in working order  the legal framework,
knowledge, education, awarness, instead of acta pipa (stupa?) etc..

denied to work?
rethink and this without id of the users (not id of the machinenumber) how to judge on that mudfield foundation & 
Internetcensorship without   appropriate declaration, notification or reason to do this?    

Where is the ID Discussion see wiki cac card reader systems, a BROAD law? 

So i will
not know the reason, nor having a appropriate challenge via court and its basis in human rights,
and on top no proof that it was really me,doing that particulair page,  nor any demand from courts to have the evidence of communciation(which is blocked=crime)  and with the request to remove content  prior taking it up in court, 
and suddenly  all is just blocked and blacked out. = serious crime
Now counterfeit whatever, is flooding the shops and the containers is in casino style, what is inside, and
how as webdeveloper putting customer content online shall know if its is orginal products or not,
since no secure waterstamped, with proper safes yet exist?and what a functional customes? that was long time ago...with communciation
The art of bogging down state systems? & better to rework matters in proper order?
ACTA agreement(if true this is a major well with sopa-pipa matter
 AND MORE.  with millions of webpages and links

CISPA next on da tabel? contradictions.Why?
twitter blocked, que?
Australia gets censored  China trade, how to work  Polen goes black and block?
secrecy???hidden negotiations? what?    Just "technical error"? no its planned implemeted and admin without above in mind

Human rights and more   India blocks google and facebook?   aclu internet censorship   Hungary goes black and block?

Montenegoro Medialaw que? 
Internet Censorship?  Pigeon post add microprint

Nice touristarea telecom and telegraf


Nice mobile touristarea telecom and telegraf2    iphone and siri    Connecting..Its something.   Internetlawyer  journalism    opennet map

Add research regards basic functional email?  try to
contact on a ISLAND like corfu?

Communication other methods
Who sells not blocked satelitephones in Corfu Telephono moi

Work & Home & Travel

KNOW first...  Monitor Human rights.=Less text  Risky Travel  Forgot human rights?oops  Free Housing?  Free Housing2?  Homeless again?hmm. 
Know HOW to travel instead? 

Where to rent a desk in Corfu or elswhere in da touristemporium?(its empty 6 months a year...)

50 euro-and up per desk/month x 100 desks is?
Bits and pieces under work...
Designerdrugs and a hickup  A meatmarket different to fix in Nigeria Gold Starvation
  ..Albania  Gold Starvation    childslife

election?   Worktools & email   .whats the idea, the whole point to go from waiting to waiting somewhere else without work?      .Stop?    Kosovo Mining Cleanup  Girokastro Some works to do   

China in Africa


Clima is changing

cold?-54C at 9/2 2012 & -62C  its here .Snow in africa  clothes frostbite snowmap Skiing in Albania, its opposite  Skiing Greece  Food&inventions Its warmer in Corfu No snow  Albania is opposite North Korea matters

    North Korea food? State assets will be at least a tent? and a state functional telegraph? 




IT's Nice with tested orginal (non backdoor /block) gear, manual accounting as foundation, a secure paperworld-education in true accounting+add safes.

.Fences and borders expensive?whats the point    Large projects in the pipline...

840 billion emails, 1 billion computers, 9 billion people, its impressive...add bandwidth calc

World largest projects aha.add Non IT accounting on top.Its nice.Reason


More very large projects with voting, real accounting, designer competition and transparency?


Test 1 euro donation with above accountnr? (its on top of the webpage) it is intressting. 


Nice with correct computing=calculators  its just 1 & 0 in it.

Now add real secured news channels on top as source-eg take some matters with some salt..  or look on it with a rubrik cubes approach



I insist, Iran  have also emails (in fact) 

Diving  in Corfu and Ionian Islands

Accomodationand Construction


1.Ecommerce mudfield sallata?

BiotechBiometrics Robots

CultureArt Museums

2.Justice-Email-Claim-Court-Payments Errors

Casinoand Gaming


3.The Voting process

Directory'sBuisness Trade


4.Enviroment tools ALL blocked emails???



5.Fishfarmingtools ALL blocked emails???

FashionClothes and Models

GovernmentVoting and Reality

6.Sallata,Low crypto?blocked email?

GardenFarming and Fish


7.Petroleum finito.God bye

HealthMedical Solutions

Introductionand History

8.Language Solved.Period.

ITOpsystems Encryption Games

Justiceand Law

9.Water Solved.Add email

Jobsand Employment

K(c)onsulate and embassy's

10.And promotion for work? email? block.bravo

K(c)hemical Industry


11.A moving point forever? bravo again.

LawCourts Lawyers

MapsGPS Systems


Motorcyclesand New technology


13.Appeal, and impossible equations..

Nanotechnologyand Reseach





15.Christmas.New year.DUBROVNIK.AnD?

PlasticsPollution Poison

EQuationsout of order

16.Albania.Some work to do..

Interference, radiocomm

RestaurantsTheaters Opera


Recepiesand Food production

SoundBar Music

18.Looping Living-Law?AnD?

SportEquipment amd Adventure

Travel Transport Taxi Train Buses Rentals

19.Marine life, Oceans

TradingShipping and Directory's

UNand Freedom Organisations


UNand Freedom Organisations


21.Diving in Kassiopi North Corfu Greece

Very large projects..and Voting


22.Kassiopi-Arabic??why not.its warm

WarfareArms Atomic


23.Beach-Sun-Cold Beer-Always holiday?

Greenpeace and Others

Climateshifts and disasters

24.And more Greece

Petroleum and Car Industry


25.earplugg? its not only google..add email

Satelite images, Earth Map

Dating contact agency's


Surveilance Industry and fences


27.Electrician..and blocked email?

Telecommunication and functionality

Translators Tools

28. A very fine!propertyfor sale

Scandals Arrests Jails-Lawyers

Emergency Police Fire Enviroment Health ...





Partytime and Festivals and Beverages

Aids Epidemics and solutions


IT security

See under Local events /russia/
/china/index.htm A MONSTER problem for all to make money on by fixing it This is da driving?
The posion smog fog clouds reaches across the continents.Poor people Its visible in US and Argentina! Is this for real?In Year 2010... And the gear for them? Nada? Handwork for all? despite gear? How does it look in India Then? Ooops, .. Macabre galore. How does it look in africa Then?Oops again..hmm. Just maps of pollution and cancer.Sweet. add A total picture of los motor kaputski economics to be fixed A new "country" floating from Hawai to Japan?que? Aha

And work? nothing.
Aha And there is no jobs? que And there is no jobs here? que, at all?
There was something with da computers, but this? What brain stunt was this?, no automatic pick a part robots? 3.9 million computer viruses did this? bravo.
Recycling.Recycled "source" is not clean, so..
This is.., i did my apartment in Kalmar the hard way, while waiting..., now thats go on the rubbish...(again?)= Aha
Multicopy this function worldwide.A cleanup time... And it exist solutions, and money, and...que whats going on??? Tools plenty of...Source material is on the ground already...hmm Plenty of knowledge
And TIME & SPACE for some Conferance-Edutainment-Planning and Engineering. =WORK ..
Just Book it...oops?(again..)secure protocol where?nada
p2p critical keycentre with map-always there- deposit options-guarante-add realistic prices
A nice meeting point in Corfu. Nautica cafe
Location in Corfu Greece. The large white building opposite budget a rent a car.
Nautica, a point...

Just not used for 6 months a year. Unbelivable.Period.And the rest of the touristemporium...(global)
Aha /12.htm /parga/12.htm /lefkada/12.htm /kefalonia/12.htm /zante/12.htm /kythera/12.htm /africa/12.htm /sarabia/12.htm

Nordic (Sweden, they have sensor technology, and email)

CONTACT methods...for WORK click on da text...

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hotmail accounts closed down due to spam without possibility via laptop to fix it. =error fatale

Postal adress MY post TEST IT :Leonardbergsleden 1 392 39 Kalmar Sweden Blocked email and stolen communication since 1996. +cars+home+work+love+time+ships+justice+healthcover+time with my children 1.69 million euro and still counting has more, PAYtime maybee?

No proper emails recived from .sp .no .ar. fi .ru. And the rest of the world, in 1995 it was ok, emails from all over the world, then suddenly gone in 1996, so i was waiting... and waiting and waiting

Test verify and give to lawyer-work and look at human rights ... Why is there human rights? For fun? gaming? No. There is children to take over the mess..if any left.

My works and communication email postal etc since 1996 stolen and messed up with some sort of automatical sick under the ice criminal "enterprise" with popups and stolen works from zillions of other web developers, artists and nightworkers, working to 05.00 on the morning and THEIR keywords interfered with stolen etc, AND including all criminal actions described on all 500-1001 pages x 60 portals.   and again in september 2011 outright stolen

moving without prior message to a .me montenegro domain, then after that closing down,, and without answering how domain names  is protected from outright theft,  answer is needed so  it not occurs again in a loop fashion.... 7000 th position of 10.000 in the world most visited websites lost 300 000 dollar and 400 usd per day as stated in reevenues, and loss of advertising time and effort for several years, case added (again) to


stolen and interference with under redemption period

2. http://www.viking1.comtake over more or less after no money situation due to blocking, was the same background who stole and no answer as solution

3. interfered with large popups scripts etc and so on have the same background as

1 and 2

1. and the whole series. stolen without a proper answer

Issue cuurently 2011 sept is at traffic reduction with 57% moving from with link over to suddenly, (as i understand a montenegro domain) with something about a new medialaw involving office juridical adress and effectivly eventual total removal of me. I have nothing to do with montenegro, previously all removed from eg focus on traffic reduction and keywords issue. just erased without any explanation, many tickets no solution much work again stolen, setting up   account suspended without any notfication whatsoever after many hours uploading,  had concept on ? just erased,