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Old start page with much content

welcome to corfu at "winter..=16-21c+"

Create alive touristical regions 7 months a year, which is overestablished using its resources


Krimek Norway. A fine Mechanical Yard for your ship.


The yard is located here


and the office is here, welcome



Marine Traffic live






Alesund-Kristiansund-Trondheim Norway


Travel & Video Corfu




1.Ecommerce mudfield sallat

Biotech Biometrics Robots

CultureArt Museums

2.Justice-Email-Claim-Court-Payments Errors

Casino and Gaming


3.The Voting process

Directory's Buisness Trade


4.Enviroment tools

Enviroment Tools

Flights Ferry's


Fashion Clothes and Models

Government Voting and Reality

6.Sallata,Low crypto?blocked email?

Garden Farming and Fish

Hospitals Health

7.Petroleum finito.

Health Medical Solutions

Introduction and History

8.Language Solved.Period.

IT Opsystems Encryption Games

Justice and Law

9.Water Solved.Add email

Jobs and Employment

K(c)onsulate and embassy's

10.And promotion for work? email? block.bravo

Chemical Industry


11.A moving point forever? bravo again.

Law Courts Lawyers

Maps GPS Systems


Motorcycles and New technology

News Bloggs-Chat

13.Appeal, and impossible equations..

Nanotechnology and Reseach



Other searchenginees


15.Christmas.New year.DUBROVNIK.AnD?

Plastics Pollution Poison

Equationsout of order

16.Albania.Some work to do..

Interference, radiocomm

Restaurants Theaters Opera


Recepies and Food production

Sound Bar Music

18.Looping Living-Law?AnD?

Sport Equipment amd Adventure

Travel Transport Taxi Train Buses Rentals

19.Marine life, Oceans

Trading Shipping and Directory's

UNand Freedom Organisations


UNand Freedom Organisations


21.Diving in Kassiopi North Corfu Greece

Very large projects..and Voting


22.Kassiopi-Arabic??why not.its warm

Warfare Arms Atomic


23.Beach-Sun-Cold Beer-Always holiday?

Greenpeace and Others

Climateshifts and disasters

24.And more Greece

Petroleum and Car Industry

Enviroment Catastrophs

25.earplugg? its not only google..add email

Satelite images, Earth Map

Dating contact agency's


Surveilance Industry and fences

Poverty and solutions

27.Electrician..and blocked email?

Telecommunication and functionality

Translators Tools

A very fine!propertyfor sale

Scandals Arrests Jails-Lawyers

Emergency Police Fire Enviroment Health ...



Chapter kortslutning

Partytime and Festivals and Beverages

Aids Epidemics and solutions

IT security

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